How To Achieve Gorgeous Healed Results Using The "U" Blade

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When we think of our favorite blades, Madluvv's "U" blade is definitely one of the first that comes to mind!

The curvature of the needles that make up the "U" blade is what sets this blade apart. Because of the curved nature of the blade, artists are able to easily achieve supernatural curved (and crisp) hair strokes.  

Using a "U" blade can be intimidating, but trust us when we say...IT IS SO AMAZING and all things good happen outside of your comfort zone! We encourage you to try it (as with anything-give it a few times)- you will be so glad you did!


Here are some key pointers when using the "U" blade:

  • The "U" blade is best used working off of the outer edge of the blade (between first 5 needles of either side of the blade) for the entire hair stroke (as opposed to the middle of the blade).


  • Keeping your fingers nice and tight at the bottom of the pen will help ensure that you have full control of where your stroke is going to start and stop. 


  • As always, your blade should be at a 90 degree angle. When holding the "U" blade (or any blade for that matter) envision cutting raw poultry with a knife. The blade should be perfectly perpendicular to the skin and should not be tilted. This is to ensure that you get a clean, crisp hair stroke rather than a wide slit in the skin (this can cause ashy and wide hair strokes).


Here are three gorgeous brow transformations with Madluvv "U" Blades!

@Alluringpermanentmakeup using the Madluvv 18u Blade
@Microblading_LeticiaLopez  using the Madluvv 18u Nano Blade
@KbBeautyAZ using the Madluvv 18u/5r Blade


Madluvv offers four different options for U needles:

-Nano 14U and 18U disposables are made out of .18mm 306 medical-grade steel and the handle has a non-slip matte finish

-Doublesided 18U/5R disposables are made out of .20mm 306 medical-grade steel and the handle has a non-slip matte finish

-Classic 18U disposables are made out of .20mm 306 medical-grade steel

Every Madluvv disposable tool comes in its own blister pack and has been sterilized with the EO gas sterilization process. Each tool is labeled with its lot number, manufacture date, and expiration date and is housed in a protective cap for safe storage and disposal.

Enjoy and make sure to tag @madluvvbrows in your work!

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  • Michelle Littleton : October 16, 2019

    I absolutely love the Nano 18u blade! I have used a few different brands & these have become the only ones I use!!

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