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Madluvv Disposable Blades Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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MADLUVV Disposable Blades Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions!


We at Madluvv have designed and created our disposable microblading pens for microblading artists of any level who like working with very fine, precise blades.

We believe all microblading tools should be disposable, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. 

Here are some common answers to questions we get regarding our blades:


What do all of these numbers mean? 

 Easy! The numbers represent how many needles make up the blade. So a 12 would mean that there are 12 single needles that make up the blade, 18U means that there are 18 single needles in a 'U' shape that make up the blade, etc. 

Here are the following blades we offer:

Classic white blades - 9, 12 and 18U blade

Double-sided blades -  9/5R, 12/5R, 14/5R and 18U/5R

Nano-blades -  9, 12, 14U and 18U blade


What is the difference between a regular blade, a double sided blade and a nano blade?

Our N A N O pens are .18mm 306 medical-grade steel.
All of our other disposables are .20mm 306 medical-grade steel.
Your clients will love the natural, hairlike strokes these blades provide.

How do I know what size to choose for my client?

The amount of needles on the blade are chosen based off of preference. Many of the students that take our foundation course prefer the 12 blade because it is so versatile and can be used to create both a small and/or a bigger brow.

The width of the needles is what is most important when it comes to skin types. If you have a client with thin skin and thinner natural hairs then you would want to use a blade that has thinner needles (nano .18mm) and if your client has thicker skin with more coarse natural hairs then you should choose a blade that has thicker needles (classic or double-sided .20mm). 


Are these blades ok to use with my health department regulations?

Our Madluvv disposable blades are highly favored by health departments because they come in their own individual blister pack that has been sterilized by the EO gas sterilization process. Each tool is housed in a protective cap for safe storage and disposal and is also labeled with a lot number, manufacturer date and expiration date.


What info do I provide to my health inspector about my blades when he/she comes to inspect?

Your health inspector may ask for a sterilization report when they come to inspect your products. The sterilization report can be easily obtained by emailing us with the type of blades that you purchased and the lot number which can be found on the box that the blades came in and also on each individually wrapped tool.

Contact us at:


Why are Madluvv blades worth it?

Madluvv blades are worth it for so many reasons! The sharpness of the 306 medical-grade steel is unlike any other blade and helps to create the most fine and crisp hairstrokes. A sharp blade helps ensure that you will have perfectly healed results!


 Don't just take our word for it!

Check out these amazing reviews from some of our customers -





























Featured artists using Madluvv blades: 




Double-sided 18U/5R 




Classic 18U 



Nano 18U 




Nano 12 





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