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Pictures are your resume and one of the smartest and fastest ways to grow your business!

Have you thought one of the following statements about yourself lately?
"I feel like I am pretty good, but I am not getting any clients or interest lately."

"Her pictures look so much better than mine, what am I doing wrong?"

"Ugh- I just don't do the whole iPhone photography thing I guess."
"None of my pictures turn out."

If you can admit to thinking or saying any of these statements, it's time to step up your game!

A good, clean transformation photo is typically the #1 deciding factor in who a client decides to book with and will always bring in more show off! We have come up with 8 SIMPLE steps to achieve amazing before and after pictures.



Lighting is, and will always be, the key player in a great transformation photo! Taking your before and after pictures in natural lighting will showcase your work in the BEST way possible. With all ceiling lighting off, have your client sit/lay in front of you facing towards a window with natural light coming in and capture your work! For days that the lighting isn't up to parr, when taking clients in the evening, or for rooms with sub par light- we recommend using a ring light to ensure great lighting that surrounds the entire face. 


We recommend having a simple, clean, and blank backdrop for all of your transformation photos. Something as simple as a white wall or a black massage table makes the best background for your work. Anything with colors or objects will distract the human eye and take away from the quality of the photo. Keep it clean and keep it simple.


When taking a photo of your client, both before and after microblading, be sure that the two photos taken are as close to identical as possible (brows aside of course)! Position them with their chin up, eyes open, and triple check that you're getting a photo of their brows at the exact same angle in each photo! Nothing is more distracting for your viewers than guessing what is different between two pictures!


Forever and always. We always recommend using either portrait mode or 2x zoom mode on an iPhone to keep the focus on the brow itself. Portrait Mode will blur out the background and give off more of a professional camera look while the 2x zoom will give you a close-up of you work without losing any quality. Professional DSLR cameras are always a great option when taking your before and after photos as well.

Tip- When taking your photo, tap on the brow in the picture before taking the photo to focus on the brow even more- this increases the crispness of hair strokes.


When you've finished your appointment and are getting ready to take your after picture, clean up! No one wants to book with someone who presents themselves as being a messy artist. Make sure that the bed is entirely wiped down, her brows are wiped clean and fully dry, and make sure she feels camera ready.


Do not, we repeat, do NOT, overdo it! We actually recommend to stay away from photoshop on your before and after pictures. Airbrushing and softening is one of the most distracting things that you can do to your beautiful pictures and actually can and will deter your potential clients. Let your work speak for itself! We recommend (and swear by) the sharpen tool on Instagram when posting- this will show off your artistry and technique!


Remove watermarks from your transformation photos (or at least make them tiny- and only letters, no logos)- they are super distracting from brows!


Next to the brows themselves, these pictures are one of the most crucial parts of your appointment. Your work of art should be photographed from every angle. Take pride and we promise your client will too! Take those gloves off and take a deep breath! You did it- ENJOY!


  • Sydney : July 12, 2018

    L💗💗ve These tips n tricks

  • Brandi Freeman: June 21, 2018

    Great info

  • AIMEE FRENCH : June 21, 2018

    I love all of these helpful photo taking pics! I am excited to try them!! Thank you!

  • Emily: June 21, 2018

    Love these tips!!

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