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Madluvv Pigment Color Chart and #FACTS!

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 Our Madluvv luxury pigment line is comprised of 7 highly pigmented colors to ensure flawless application every time.


Here is what makes Madluvv pigments the best when it comes to pigment:
  • The pigments are already pre modified, which means there is no need to mix with any other color unless trying to achieve a new color. (We do not recommend mixing more than 2 colors and/or mixing different pigment brands).
  • The pigment has a gel like consistency- this allows it to hold up beautifully in the skin and not drip or dry during the appointment.
  • The pigment comes in a 10ml airless pump bottle which helps your pigment last longer and will reduce the amount of waste!
  • As always- our pigments are vegan and cruelty free.
  • The retention and healed results are excellent! 




To choose the right pigment color for our client, we simply do a swatch test. To do the swatch test we eliminate any colors that are absolutely not our clients brow hair color. We then take the remaining colors that have not been eliminated and swatch the colors on our clients forehead and let it set for a few minutes while they are numbing so the color can oxidize (remember you can mix 2 colors to get the perfect color formulation).


 We let the color oxidize (which takes about 2 minutes) because the undertones in their skin will affect the color of the pigment and will make it an easier choice for choosing what color looks most flattering on their skin and matches best with their natural brow color.




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  • Kohana: March 02, 2021

    What color would be best for someone with salt pepper hair and elderly person would it be Ash?

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