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Want to know how to increase your clientele and increase your customers' experience? Subsequently, by giving your clients an amazing overall experience (not just amazing eyebrows), they will be more motivated to refer you to their friends and family. Here are the top 5 ways to improve your client’s experience and boost referrals:

Always keep your workspace clean, the lighting bright and smelling great.

Your work space says a lot to the client about the service they are going to get and also, subsequently, how likely they are to refer you. No matter how good the brows look at the end of an appointment, your client will be embarrassed to send their friends and family to you.


Have music on during the appointment, and let the music selection be your client's choice.

Music heightens experiences, decreases long periods of silence, and will actually make the cutting portion much less painful. If your client can’t hear the blade entering their skin, they won’t think about it as much.




Go Over Aftercare

You should do this THREE TIMES throughout the appointment.

Want to know a really good way to scare clients away, and freak out their friends and family? Not going over aftercare and what the healing process is like in the first week! The healing process can be scary, especially if your clients are going into it blind. To make them confident in the healing process and you as their artist inform them on exactly what to expect, when to expect it, and what to avoid in the healing process (and for the life of their brows).



Keep your own personal hygiene on point

Smell good, look good, feel good.

You are in very close proximity to your clients for a few hours and you might have nerves (or just sweat easily). We recommend wearing maximal coverage deodorant, chew peppermint gum (during every appointment) and have some kind of fragrance on (or fragrance in the room). We recommend essential oils and love to put them on frequently or in our diffusers. We LOVE LOVE LOVE anything citrus smelling like orange or grapefruit. Essential oils are often times the best route to take because there are very few people who are allergic to them or hate the smell.


Send your client their before/after photos.

This is where a quality camera or phone camera comes into play with amazing lighting and a nice white wall! We highly encourage an I phone 7+ and a ring light.

Sending your client their before and after pictures along with a compliment and message telling them “it was a pleasure doing their brows and if they have any questions please don’t hesitate to text” text will go a long way!





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