Botox + Microblading- The Dynamic Duo!

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As beauty lovers and microblading artists we can all agree that eyebrows are one of the most crucial features, if not the most crucial feature, of our face. 




Because eyebrows are one of our most prominent facial features, they are often one of the first things we notice about a person! What is even more fabulous about this important feature is that we as humans living in this advanced world can control them COMPLETELY (with the help of a couple beauty services of course)!


Surgery used to be the go-to method to help fix asymmetry in the brows, but this has been replaced by microblading and current injection technologies like Botox and Dysport. These methods are effective, quick, near painless procedures that can help achieve near perfect symmetry of the brows and actually work fabulously together! 


As a microblading artist have you felt like you have perfected a client’s brows, and they sit up and smile or make a concentrated expression in the mirror and one of their eyebrows raises a bit? Well, you are not alone- this is SO common.


No two body parts are the exact same, and our eyebrows are sisters, not twins (even though with microblading you can get them to be close like Mary Kate and Ashley, but not 100% identical)! It is important as an artist to make it clear to your client that you aim to get their brows as even as possible, but because of the muscular differences in each side of their face, one brow may appear to be a little higher when they smile, make expression, etc. because its the natural way our faces are made. EVERYONE has a more dominant brow and more flexion in one side of their face (and some people more intense of a difference in their brows than others)!


If your work as a microblading artist is done and the brows are perfected and this extra flexion happens, the best thing to do is educate yourself and your clients on the magic of botox and dysport. 


Now lets get into the specifics of how injectors like myself make uneven brows, even!


When I meet with my client’s, I look for the location of the asymmetry is in their eyebrows, the location of the asymmetry determines which muscle the Botox is injected into in order to achieve full correction!


For example, if one brow rests lower, or is more “droopy” than the other, I will inject more Botox into the opposite brow to help relax the frontalis muscle to even the asymmetry.



Here is another common example you may see as a microblading artist- if the patient is noticing one eyebrow is more arched or pointed, compared to the other side’s more rounded brow when they make expression, a quick injection in the corrugator or orbicularis oculi muscles can result in an eyebrow lift to even the arches!



My advice? A recipe for perfect brows in most cases includes: microblading for size and shape, and Botox for even movement and a SYMMETRCAL resting position.  


As an artist, I would network and find an injector you like and TRUST with your clients (remember, just like microblading artists, not all injectors are created equally!) Having a great relationship with your injector can also benefit your microblading practice as well. Many times injectors will refer their clients to you as well or will trade their injecting services for the referrals!


XO, Lauren



Article by Lauren Orta.


You can view more content by Lauren on her Instagram here


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  • Melissa: August 08, 2018

    Seriously loved ready this!

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