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The Madluvv Brow Academy

In the growing world of microblading, your success as an artist will be based on three things; your work, your knowledge and your social media/advertising skills.

As the premier microblading academy, we provide a next level, educational and post educational experience for our students. Our instructors (who are all among the most elite microbladers in the world) create the most intimate hands-on microblading training experience and post educational mentorship and open stream of communication that is vital to an artist’s success and longevity in the world of microblading.

Graduating from any of the Madluvv Brow Academy courses means you are apart of the most elite and professional network of artists, have the most up to date industry news and are among one of the most highly saught after trained microblading artists.


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What's Included

Duration 2 Days

What You'll Learn

Work Area Set Up/Take Down
Safety & Sanitation
Creating The Perfect Brow For Your Client
Creating Symmetry On Non-symmetrical Faces
Brow Mapping Using Madluvv Stencils and Other Techniques Color Theory
The Madluvv Hair Stroke
The Microblading Procedure
Best Practice And Technique Of Microblading
Marketing & Social Media

Get Certified to Microblade


At $400 to $600 per new client (not including tip)

Payment and Tuition

Our total courses cost vary between $699-$999. Upon booking the intro and advanced courses we require a $500 minimum  non refundable deposit. We require the remainder of the course total to be paid in full 7 days before the start of the course.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Experience level is required?

Prior to getting certified, we recommend checking the laws, requirements and guidelines of microblading with your city.
Certifications/ prerequisites must be met prior to taking the course (please let us know if you have questions).
We require all of our students complete an accredited Blood Borne Pathogens course prior to the start of our course.

When is it too late for register?

We do not have a deadline for registering, however registration for our courses
are on a first come, first serve basis.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Our total courses cost vary between $699-$999. Upon booking the intro and advanced courses we require a $500 minimum deposit. We require the remainder of the course total to be paid in full 7 days before the start of the course. 

What are in the kits?

Basic Kit $0

Everything you need for training


Advanced Kit $300 + Tax

1- Madluvv Official Training Manual

1-Practice Mannequin Head

1-Practice Skin

4-Practice Pig Skins

1-Wax Pencil

1-6 Stencil Set 1

10-Disposable Madluvv Microblading Pens

3- 10ml  Microblading Pigments  


Pro Kit$550 + Tax (Best Value)

1- Madluvv Official Training Manual

20-Disposable Madluvv Microblading Pens

6- 10ml  Microblading Pigments

1- Practice Mannequin Head

1- Practice Skin

3- Wax Pencils

10- Tinkle Razors

1- Pre Numbing Cream

1- During Procedure Numbing Gel

25- Eyebrow Spoolie Brushes

25- Pigment Cups

What if you aren't coming to my city?

Come to us! Did you know about fifty percent of our students travel from all across the country to get Madluvv Certified?

Do you offer an online course?

Yes, we currently have 2 online courses which can be found here: Madluvv Online Trainings 


Can I purchase a private training or will you come to my salon?

Yes. Private Trainings are booked upon request. Please email for more information and to book.

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