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Madluvv Ink Deluxe Set - 10 Brow Pigment Colors + Shading Solution


Each deluxe set contains:

 11, 10ml airless pump bottles

✔️ Ash 109
✔️ Camel 109.5
✔️ Blonde 110
✔️ Soft Brown 111
✔️ Chocolate 111.5
✔️ Medium Brown 112
✔️ Brunette 113
✔️ Darkest Brown 114
✔️ Charcoal 114.5
✔️ Jet Black 115
✔️ Shading Solution


This luxury pigment line is comprised of 10 highly pigmented colors to ensure a flawless application and color retention and one shading solution. With the airless pump bottle, your pigments will last longer and will reduce the amount of waste. You should expect to see 80-90% retention after the first appointment if applied correctly.



No modifying required. With 10 colors from the light to dark spectrum, these pigments are designed so you don't have to modify them. If you would like to darken any of them we recommend using some of the Jet Black pigment or Darkest Brown to darken. 


Can be used with:

  • A manual blade
  • Machine for ombre brows
  • You do not need to thin the pigment to use in a machine. If you do we recommend using our shading solution.
  • Each set includes 10 cruelty-free colors ranging from light to dark on the brown spectrum and one black color that can be used to darken the eyebrow pigments or to use by itself as an eyeliner, scalp or other PMU or tattoo application. It also includes one shading solution.



The ingredients in this pigment line are comprised of a mixture of non-toxic synthetic and organic components made in the USA. These pigments are made with the highest quality ingredients.  


We recommend to:

  • Shake well before using
  • To Darken any color use Jet Black or Darkest Brown
  • Store in a cool, dry place


We suggest that you don’t:

  • Mix more than 3 colors
  • Mix pigments with other brands


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