Why Eyebrows Matter After 60

Eyebrows frame your face and can significantly impact your overall appearance. Well-groomed brows can make you look more awake, youthful, and polished. As we age, eyebrows can become sparser, lighter, and lose their natural shape, making it essential to adjust your brow routine.


You are a stunning mature woman and have questions about your brows! We have all the answers! We will spill the tea to all of your top questions and give you what you need to know so that your brows are stunning, timeless, flattering, and EASY TO DO! 

What are the Best Eyebrow Shapes for Older Women?

The best eyebrow shapes for older women often involve a natural, slightly arched shape that follows the natural brow line. Softer, fuller brows can provide a more youthful appearance. It's important to avoid overly thin or heavily arched brows as they can make the face look harsh.

How Can I Deal with Thinning Eyebrows as I Get Older?

Dealing with thinning eyebrows involves using products like eyebrow growth serum and brow products to fill in sparse areas. You can also try home remedies like castor oil. If you prefer a longer-lasting, permanent solution, consider microblading or eyebrow tattooing.

What Can I Do about Wiry Texture Eyebrows?

Taming wiry eyebrows involves a combination of grooming techniques and products to achieve a more refined look. Here are some effective methods:


  • Tools Needed: Small, sharp eyebrow scissors and a spoolie brush or clean mascara wand.


  • Brush your eyebrows upward with the spoolie brush.
  • Trim any excessively long hairs that extend above the natural brow line.
  • Brush the brows downward and trim any hairs that extend below the natural brow line.
  • Be conservative with trimming to avoid over cutting.

Taming with Products

  • Before applying brow products we recommend using a strong hold brow Gel or Wax. Apply the gel or wax in upward strokes to set the shape. PRO TIP- We recommend setting your gel into the skin by brushing and sealing your hairs into your forehead with a spoolie or the wooden stem of a makeup brush!


  • Brow Conditioner or Serum: Apply a conditioner or serum to keep the hairs soft and manageable.
  • Castor Oil: Natural oils like castor oil can also help to soften and condition brow hairs.


  • Tinting: Professional eyebrow tinting can darken grey hairs to blend in with your natural brow color.
  • At-Home Dyes: Use a brow dye kit, following the instructions carefully, to color grey hairs.
  • Makeup products: for a daily application use powder, tinted gel or pomeade products

My Hair is now Grey - What Color Should my Brows Be!?

Choosing the right brow color when you have grey hair involves considering several factors: the undertone of your natural brow hair before it turned grey, your skin tone, and the fact that there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone with grey hair. Here's a detailed guide to help you find the perfect brow color:

Natural Brow Undertone Before Greying

  • Cool Undertones: If your natural brows had a cool undertone (ash brown or black), opt for colors with a similar cool base. Look for shades like cool taupe or soft grey-brown.
  • Warm Undertones: If your natural brows had warm undertones (auburn, chestnut, or golden brown), choose warmer browns or shades with a hint of warmth to avoid a stark contrast.
  • Neutral Undertones: For neutral brow undertones (neither too warm nor too cool), a neutral taupe or soft brown often works best.

Skin Tone Consideration

  • Fair Skin: Lighter shades like soft taupe, light grey, or a mix of light brown with grey can complement fair skin without looking too harsh.
  • Medium Skin: Medium shades such as soft brown, grey-brown, or medium taupe can provide a natural look.
  • Dark Skin: Deeper shades like dark brown or charcoal grey can provide definition without looking unnatural.

Universal Tips for Grey Brows

  • Avoid Black: Black can be too harsh and stark, creating an unnatural look.
  • Consider Undertones: Match the undertones of your brow product to the undertones of your skin and natural brow hair before it greyed.
  • Blend and Build: Start with a lighter application and build up as needed. Blending with a spoolie can help achieve a natural look.

Examples of Suitable Colors For Grey


  • Use Taupe for grey hair brows that have transitioned from light cool blonde/brown hair
  • Use Soft Brown for grey hairs that have transitioned from dark blonde/medium brown hair
  • Use Brunette for grey hairs that have transitioned from dark brown/black hair

What are the Best Products for Sparse Eyebrows?

Pomade or Pencil: Use these for filling in sparse areas and giving definition.

  • Choose a color that matches your natural brow color or slightly lighter for a softer look.
  • If you are wanting a cheat code to shaping your brows we recommend our brow stamp kit - great vision NOT REQUIRED

Can I Use the Same Products on My Eyebrows as I Do on My Hair?

NO! Using the same products on your eyebrows as you do on your hair is generally not recommended for several reasons:

Differences Between Hair and Eyebrows

Texture and Thickness:

  • Hair: Scalp hair is usually thicker, longer, and coarser.
  • Eyebrows: Eyebrow hairs are finer, shorter, and more delicate

Skin Sensitivity:

  • The skin around your eyebrows is more sensitive than the scalp. Hair products can be too harsh and may cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Formulation and Ingredients:

  • Hair dyes and treatments contain stronger chemicals meant for the scalp and hair, which may be too potent for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Can I Use the Same Products on my Hair as I Do on My Eyebrows?

Yes, certain brow products and growth serums can actually be amazing for filling in and growing the hairline. Many products designed for brows are versatile and can work effectively on your hair as well. Here are a few examples:

Brow Products for Hairline Filling

Brow Powders and Pencils:

  • Madluvv Brow Stamp: This product is designed to create perfectly shaped and filled-in brows with a natural look. It's also excellent for filling in sparse areas along your hairline. The precise application and color options make it ideal for blending seamlessly with your hair.

Brow Powders:

  • Brow powders: They offer a softer, more diffused look and can be applied to the hairline to cover thin spots. They blend easily with your natural hair and provide a fuller appearance. However, powder does have its limitations and can easily fade away and transfer.

Application Tips

  • Blending: When using brow products on your hairline, blend well to ensure a natural look. Use a spoolie or a small brush

Are there Specific Techniques for Applying Eyebrow Makeup on Mature Skin?

Yes, there are specific techniques for applying eyebrow makeup on mature skin to achieve a flattering and natural look. Here are some tips:

Techniques for Applying Eyebrow Makeup on Mature Skin

  • Hydrate and Prime: Ensure the brow area is moisturized and use a primer to smooth out fine lines.

  • Use a Soft Pencil, buildable pomade or Powder: Opt for a soft, retractable pencil, a buildable pomade or powder for a natural finish. Avoid harsh lines.

  • Choose the Right Color: Select a shade slightly lighter than or matching your natural brow color to soften your look.

  • Feather-Like Strokes: Apply the product in short, feather-like strokes to mimic natural hair and fill in sparse areas, or if using a stamp, lightly build coverage.

  • Blend Well: Use a spoolie brush to blend the product and create a seamless look.

  • Set with Brow Gel: Use a clear or tinted brow gel to keep the hairs in place and add dimension.


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