Brow Shaping - 5 Easy Tips to Shape and Groom Your Eyebrows

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While grooming your brows at home may be difficult, with a little know-how, you can do some basic care.

Here are 5 easy tips on how to shape and groom your eyebrows.

Let’s get started!

Tip No. 1: Prepare the things you need.

Every effective eyebrow shape starts with the appropriate tools, both in the salon and at home.

These tools include:

  • Eyebrow stencil
  • Tweezers
  • Brow pencil
  • Brow Brush
  • Brow Gel
  • Cotton Pads
  • Brow Highlighter

After gathering these materials, proceed with the most important step, and that is cleansing your face. Doing so will remove any makeup and residue from skin care products that may make it difficult for tweezers to grip small brow hairs.

Tip No. 2: Identify your brow shape.

Begin by identifying the three main sections of your brow: the head (the area closest to your nose), the arch (where your brow is normally the tallest), and the tail end (the part nearest to the outer corner of your eye).

Begin by placing a brow brush or pencil vertically on your nose, with the head touching your brow. That's where you should start with your brows. A brow pencil may be used to indicate this location.

Rotate the pencil outward, stopping at the outside border of your iris, in a clockwise direction. The brow would naturally arch at this point. It's usually around two-thirds of the way from the head to the tail's end. Mark that location with your pencil and continue moving it until it reaches the outer corner of your eye. This is where the tail of your eyebrow is.

Connect the three markers with straight lines directly above and below your brow, creating a map that indicates which hairs to tweeze (anything outside the lines) and which to leave alone (anything inside).

Another technique is to use a stencil. These are “easier” methods on how to get the brow mapping done.

Here’s an example of an eyebrow stencil from Madluvv:

Eyebrow stencils come in different shapes and sizes, depending on which one suits you best.

If you have chosen a shape and size of the stencil that would work best on you, press it firmly against your skin to prevent it from moving around while you apply eyebrow makeup to your brows.

With an eyebrow pencil or powder and a brush, fill in the stencil. Use an eyebrow pencil or powder that is the same color as your natural brows. Fill up the other brow in the same manner.

Tip No. 3: Tweeze with extra care.

For a cleaner look, pluck hairs that fall outside the stencil line or your brow map. Grasp one hair at a time with your tweezers and pull it out in the same direction as it grows. This process will be considerably simpler if you use sharp tweezers.

It's easy to over-pluck, so take a step back every now and then to inspect the contour of your brow from afar to make sure you're not plucking too much.

Pro tip: With one hand, pull the skin tight and remove a hair at a time, tweezing in the direction of growth. This preserves the follicle, allowing the hair to regrow.

Another tip would be applying cold compresses to your eyebrows after plucking it. It will aid in the relief of any redness or discomfort caused by the plucking session.

Tip No. 4: Trim any leftover hair with sharp scissors.

After you've tweezed your brows, you'll want to cut any outliers down to size. Use a spoolie or clear brow gel to comb your brows upward. It keeps hairs in place and makes cutting them simpler (just wait for it to fully dry). The idea is to keep an eye out for those curling outliers that spring out of the brow. It's also a good idea to snip one hair at a time with the scissors at a downward angle so that you don't block your own brow.

Madluvv has both the spoolie and clear brow gel all in one product that you would need for this step.

This clear, long-lasting brow gel grooms and shapes brows so they remain in place all day. It's also great for removing any stray hairs following plucking. It has a unique, non-sticky formula that is comfortable to wear and does not flake or lose its hold.

Tip No. 5: Fill and Highlight

The most natural-looking fill starts with a sharp pencil. If your pencil tip is rounded, it will deposit too much color, making the completed effect excessively bold.

Another crucial step is to run a spoolie through your brows after you've filled them in. This, too, will aid in making the final appearance as natural as possible.

For a more dramatic effect, you can finish it off with a brow highlighter. You can either choose between matte and shimmer with this Laminate Me Brow Highlighter from Madluvv.

Simply apply the cream under your brow, following the arch and then lightly blend.

This product accentuates your arches for brighter, younger-looking eyes, and it's very easy to apply. Its consistency ranges from cream to powder formula that lasts all day, and is made for all skin types and ideal for all skin tones. Plus, it’s 100% cruelty free!

And there you have it: gorgeous brows with no effort.

Get Perfectly Shaped Brows with Madluvv Products

Having a uniform product in getting your brows shaped and groomed is one way to have efficient results.

Madluvv offers a complete kit of brow shaping products that would help you get those lovely eyebrows anytime and anywhere.

The Madluvv Complete Makeup Bundle Kit consists of:

  • 1 Brow Stamp™
  • 1 set of (5) Madluvv Brow Stamp™ Stencils
  • 1 Brow Brush
  • 1 Shimmer Highlight Me™ Highlighter
  • 1 Laminate Me™ Brow Gel
  • 1 Full-Zip Travel Pouch

Get all of their brow-perfecting cosmetics in one complete makeup bundle, and get a FREE neoprene full-zip travel pouch! Their travel pouch is the perfect companion to hold all of your skincare essentials, toiletries, and makeup.

Ready to get your brows shaped and groomed? We’d love to see the results!


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