Brow Stamp™️ Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Use Your New Brow Stamp™️ Kit, Step-By-Step:

brow stamp tutorial step 1



Step 1: Choose the stencil #1 through #6 that is most fitting to your natural brow growth. Untwist to open the brow stamp.


brow stamp kit step 2




Step 2: With the chosen stencil in hand, align the tail end of the stencil to the tail end of your eyebrow or desired tail ending point. Place one finger on point I on your stencil.


brow stamp kit step 3



Step 3: Lay the stencil flat on your brow and place a second finger on point II. Make sure that the angle of the stencil is the same for both brows.



brow stamp kit step 4 


 Step 4: Take the sponge applicator and begin to pat lightly starting at the tail of your brow ('start here' point), finishing at your most fitting brow length (short or long).


brow stamp kit step 5



Step 5: Remove the stencil. If necessary realign and repeat to darken brows. Take spoolie and brush through the brows to distribute and soften the look of the makeup.


brow stamp kit step 6




Step 6: Take a dry paper towel and wipe away the product that is on the stencil.


brow stamp kit step 7




Step 7: Flip the stencil and start at step 2 again to complete your remaining brow.




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