Brow Stamp VS Brow Pencil

When it comes to achieving flawless eyebrows, beauty enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with a wide range of products on the market. Two popular options for achieving well-defined brows are eyebrow stamps and brow pencils. These tools offer different approaches to eyebrow enhancement, each with its own set of benefits and considerations. 

Application Technique

  • Brow Stamp: The brow stamp is a relatively new addition to the eyebrow product lineup. It features pre-designed brow stencils and a stamp with a pomade inside of the cap. To use the eyebrow stamp, you simply line up the stencil to your natural brow shade and lightly press the stamp onto your brows.
  • Brow Pencil: A brow pencil is a classic choice for eyebrow shaping. It involves using a pencil with a precise tip to draw and fill in your brows with small, hair-like strokes.

Precision and Control

  • Brow Stamp: Brow stamps are known for their convenience and speed. They can create a defined brow shape in seconds, making them an ideal option for those who struggle with freehand shaping. 
  • Brow Pencil: Brow pencils offer more control over the shape, definition, and density of your eyebrows. With a pencil, you can mimic the appearance of individual brow hairs, creating a more natural and customizable look. This precision, however, requires a steadier hand and some practice.


  • Brow Stamp: Some eyebrow stamp kits come in a limited range of shapes, but the original patented Brow Stamp™ from Madluvv has the most universal and popular shapes in the kit. Additional stencil shapes are also available for sale including a stencil for thin, archy brows and a pointed fox brow. The brow stamp is also buildable so you can have an everyday look, or you can have a darker glam look achieved by using more pressure and layers while using the stamp.
  • Brow Pencil: Eyebrow pencils are versatile and allow you to adjust the intensity and shape of your brows according to your preferences. You can create a softer or bolder look by varying the pressure and the angle at which you apply the pencil. This customization is perfect for achieving a look that complements your facial features.

 Longevity and Finish

  • Brow Stamp: The longevity of eyebrow stamps can last up to 24 hours. Certain brow stamps are smudge-proof, water-resistant, and long-lasting even with oily skin.
  • Brow Pencil: Quality brow pencils often offer long-lasting results, as they adhere well to the skin. You can also find waterproof and smudge-proof options that maintain their appearance throughout the da

Skill Level

  • Brow Stamp: Brow stamps are beginner-friendly and can be a great option for those who are new to eyebrow shaping. The stamp provides a clear guide, making it easier to achieve a symmetrical, flawless, and well-defined brow shape. Even if you are more experienced in makeup, the brow stamp is still for you. Beauty experts often use eyebrow stamps for the quick and ease of application!
  • Brow Pencil: Using an eyebrow pencil requires a bit more skill and practice to achieve a natural brow shape and look. As you become more adept at using a brow pencil, you can experiment with different techniques to enhance your eyebrows.

Both eyebrow stamps and brow pencils offer unique benefits for achieving stunning eyebrows. Your choice between the two will depend on your level of expertise, desired customization, and personal preferences. If you value speed and convenience, the ORIGINAL patented Madluvv Brow Stamp™ Kit might be your go-to solution. On the other hand, if you seek precision and control over your brow shape, a brow pencilcould be your best companion. Together, both can be used for definition of shape, and for detail of hair like strokes. Whichever tool you choose, remember that practice makes perfect, and with time, you'll be able to master the art of eyebrow enhancement.

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