15 Surprising Eyebrow Facts

When it comes to our appearance, eyebrows play a significant role in framing our face and expressing emotions. While most of us focus on grooming and shaping them, there are fascinating facts about eyebrows that remain relatively unknown. Let's delve into 15 intriguing tidbits about these facial features that will undoubtedly surprise you:

Eyebrow Products Over the Years

Did you know that brow products have a rich history, dating back over 100 years? The first brow product was born in the 1920s, and since then, it has been a fascinating journey of evolution. From brow pencils to the innovative gels, pomades, powders, and tints, the eyebrow industry has constantly adapted and improved over time. And now, to make achieving flawless brows even more effortless, a Brow Stamp Kit is here to save the day! With this nifty tool, you can fill in your brows perfectly and within seconds, without the frustration and wasted time spent in front of the mirror.

Uniquely Identifiable

Just like fingerprints, everyone's eyebrows are distinctive and can be used for identification purposes.

Eyebrows and Emotions

The shape of our eyebrows plays a crucial role in expressing emotions. High arches often indicate surprise, while lowered brows can signal anger or sadness. 

Purpose of Sweat Diversion

One of the main functions of eyebrows is to divert sweat and water away from our eyes. When it comes to sweat, be sure to get brow products that are entirely sweat-proof, ensuring your brows stay intact no matter the circumstances!

The Brow's Growth Rate

Eyebrows grow slower than scalp hair, at a rate of approximately 0.16mm to 0.3mm per day. If you are struggling with thinning eyebrows, get an eyebrow gel that’s infused with hair growth serum to help restimulate hair growth!

Regrowth Power

Plucked eyebrows can take months to regrow fully, and sometimes they may never return to their original shape. If you've over plucked your brows, Laminate Me+  is here to help! Packed with powerful ingredients like complex peptides, biotin, and aloe, the vegan and flake-proof formula stimulates hair growth, resulting in stronger, thicker eyebrows in just 2-4 weeks. 

No Natural Gray

Unlike the hair on our heads, eyebrows don't typically go gray as we age; they tend to become lighter.

Specific Growth Pattern

Each individual eyebrow hair follows a unique growth pattern, with hairs growing in different directions. This natural arrangement contributes to the overall shape and texture of your eyebrows.

Multi-Purpose Tools

Some eyebrow products, like brow pencils or gels, can serve multiple purposes. Apart from defining and filling in eyebrows, pencils can also be used as eyeliner or to create faux freckles for a natural look. Brow gels can be used to help slick your hairline.Secret tip: Brow stencils that come in the Brow Stamp Kit can easily be used as a stencil for the perfect winged eyeliner!

Trendsetter Influence

Celebrities and influencers often set eyebrow trends, influencing the popularity of specific eyebrow shapes and styles that become fashionable in the beauty industry.

Elevating Looks

Did you know that using a brow highlighter can work wonders in accentuating your makeup look? By adding a touch of shimmer or light color beneath your eyebrows, it instantly lifts and brightens your eyes, giving you that radiant and refreshed appearance! 

Symmetry Matters

Symmetrical eyebrows are considered attractive, and some experts believe they play a significant role in how we perceive beauty.

A Hairy History

In the Middle Ages, women often shaved their eyebrows to achieve a higher forehead, considered a sign of beauty at the time.

Color Matching

Your eyebrow color doesn't necessarily match the color of your hair. It's not uncommon for people to have slightly different shades of hair and eyebrows, and in some cases, completely different colors. This is due to different levels of melanin and genetics at work. Seeking help to find the ideal brow color that matches our brow products? Take this Shade Finder Quiz, and it will guide you towards discovering your perfect brow color match effortlessly.

Eyebrows in Fashion

In recent years, "eyebrow art" has become a popular trend, with people experimenting with unique shapes, colors, and even eyebrow extensions.

Eyebrows in Fashion

Next time you glance in the mirror, take a moment to appreciate the incredible, often underestimated, role that your eyebrows play in your overall appearance and well-being. These little-known facts prove that eyebrows are more than just facial hair – they are a crucial aspect of our identity and self-expression.

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