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The Madluvv Brow Academy is an elite program and brand with one goal in mind: success. Success in each set of brows, success in your career as a microblading artist, and success in being one of the most prestigious artists in this ever growing industry of permanent makeup. We have trained artists all over the country who have gone on to be numbered among the most sought-after artists in their states. Many of our alumni attribute their success and flourishing careers to one thing, the Madluvv Brow Academy curriculum and correlating product line. Our curriculum’s precise method of microblading perfectly prepares our students to create brows that are breathtaking — and often recognizable  — as Madluvv Brows throughout the United States.  







Maddie Thompson, the founder and CEO of Madluvv Brows graduated college from Brigham Young University with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Business Management. After graduating and working in the media sales space, she decided she wanted to take her passions elsewhere and decided to start her journey as a full-time freelance makeup artist. Her career flourished as a self-taught makeup artist, taking her all over the country for different special events, weddings, film and fashion makeup events. In 2016, she decided to add a service to her makeup artistry and began her career as a microblading artist. Flash forward to today, Maddie has successfully created nearly 500 amazing sets brows for her clients, has built a successful training program and social media platform, and most recently launched her official Madluvv product line. Her work is seen by thousands of visitors every month to her social media platforms. Microblading, and teaching the art of microblading, have become her passions. She is a perfectionist and will never stop learning new techniques and progressing in her art, and encourages and instills these traits of success in each of her students.

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