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What's the best eyebrow pencil to use?

"What's the best eyebrow pencil to use?" This is a question many people ask when trying to enhance their brows. With so many options available, finding the right eyebrow pencil can be overwhelming. Whether you're aiming for natural, defined, or bold brows, finding the right pencil can make all the difference.

The Madluvv Exacto Eyebrow Pencil is undoubtedly the ultimate choice for achieving impeccable brows. Its precision-designed tip and long-lasting, clean formula ensure flawlessly realistic brows every time. 

This pencil has a blade-like tip for meticulous, hair-like detail and a slanted edge for easy peasy outlining, defining, and shading. Not only is the shape next level, but so is the formulation- enriched with natural waxes, its long-wearing formula guarantees lasting wear and a flawless glide, delivering a natural, matte finish across its nine available shades. 

Not only does it provide exceptional performance, but it also upholds ethical standards, being cruelty-free and formulated without harmful ingredients like GMOs, animal-derived components, artificial dyes and fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, PFAS, and without subjecting animals to testing. With its effortless click-up retractable design, it dispenses just the right amount of product, making it a must-have for those who value quality, efficacy, and compassion in their beauty routine.

If we were to describe our Exacto Eyebrow Pencil in 3 words it would be: best brow pencil… EVER!

How to Choose the Correct Color of an Eyebrow Pencil?

How to choose the correct color of an eyebrow pencil is crucial for achieving natural-looking brows that complement your complexion and hair color.  Begin by identifying your natural brow hair color: if you have light hair, choose a shade slightly darker than your natural color to add definition; for darker hair, opt for a shade lighter to avoid a harsh contrast. Consider your skin undertone as well: if you have warm undertones, choose a pencil with a hint of warmth, while cool undertones pair well with a cooler shade. Ultimately, the goal is to find a shade that seamlessly blends with your natural features, enhancing your brows without appearing too harsh or mismatched.

Eyebrow Colors For Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde is just about the coolest hair shade there is (in terms of undertones—though the bleached-blonde hue does have an undeniable edginess to it, too). Complement your platinum blonde hair with a cool-toned brow product, like our Exacto Brow Pencil in Taupe. If you want a more striking contrasted look, you can opt for a darker brow—just be sure to pick a shade with cooler/neutral undertones like Soft Brown. For a warmer honey blonde undertone, our color Blonde is your perfect choice.

Eyebrow Colors For Light-Medium Brown Hair

Many people find that their natural brow color is a shade or two darker than their natural hair color (it’s not universal, of course, but nothing really is). That means if you have light brown hair, you’ll likely achieve the most natural brow look with the shade Soft Brown, and for a warmer tone, Medium Brown is your color! If you are a cool/neutral medium brown, you would be a Brunette!

Eyebrow Colors For Grey Hair

Whether natural, salon-dyed, or straight-from-the-box, grey hair calls for softer brows—anything too dark or warm in tone can look harsh. If you have gray eyebrows you may be a perfect fit for 3 different shades! If you have turned gray from a lighter blonde hair color you will love Taupe. If your original hair color was light-medium brown, Soft Brown will be a match. If you are now gray from a dark brown or black hair color you will be a fit with Brunette!

Eyebrow Colors For Red Hair

Red hair can be a range of shades—from strawberry blonde to vivid crimson to soft chestnut. That variety means there isn’t one brow color that’s universally flattering for all redheads. Generally speaking, though, the best eyebrow colors for redheads tend to be True Red for more vibrant red hair colors or Auburn for deeper red/maroon hair!

Eyebrow Colors For Dark Brown Hair

If you’re looking to fill in or thicken your brows and have dark brown/black hair, we recommend opting for a brow product in a deep hue. Just FYI having black hair doesn’t automatically mean you should go for black eyebrows—with black hair, your skin tone is what matters most. If you have black hair but fair skin, a soft, cool-toned brown eyebrow product, Brunette, will likely provide the most flattering (and natural-looking results). Those with darker skin, meanwhile, can handle a black eyebrow color like Nearly Black. A brunette with warm undertones would be a stunning match with Dark Brown!

Eyebrow Colors For Colorful Hair

If you have a fantasy hair color like pink, purple, or blue, you’ll typically want to choose your brow products based on your skin tone and natural eyebrow color. 

Which Eyebrow Pencil is Best for Beginners?

Which eyebrow pencil is best for beginners depends on features like a flat-edge tip and an easy-to-apply, long-wearing formula.  A flat edge allows for effortless control and precision, making it easier to create natural-looking brows without requiring advanced techniques. Simply put it is easier to fill in brows and create symmetry with a flat edge, rather than a round regular pencil tip. Additionally, a retractable design ensures a hassle-free application, eliminating the need for sharpening and minimizing the risk of mistakes. With these features, beginners can achieve professional-looking results with minimal effort and practice, making it the perfect option to kickstart their brow journey.

What is the Recommended Eyebrow Pencil for Thin Eyebrows?

What is the recommended eyebrow pencil for thin eyebrows depends on its precision and buildability, aiding in adding definition and fullness without appearing overly heavy or unnatural.  Look for an eyebrow pencil with a fine tip that allows for precise application, enabling you to mimic the appearance of individual hairs for a more realistic look. Additionally, choose a formula that is blendable and long-lasting to ensure your brows stay put throughout the day. This particular eyebrow pencil fits the bill perfectly, offering a blade-like tip for ultra-precise application and a long-wearing formula enriched with natural waxes for lasting color adherence. With its ability to create precise, hair-like strokes, it's an ideal choice for enhancing thin eyebrows and achieving natural-looking results.

How to Keep your Eyebrow Pencil from Rubbing or Wearing Off?

How to keep your eyebrow pencil from rubbing or wearing off involves starting with a clean, primed face when applying makeup. This provides a smooth canvas for application and helps the products adhere better. After filling in your eyebrows with the pencil, gently comb through them with a clear brow gel to set the color and shape in place. The gel will help lock in the pigment and prevent smudging or fading. Finally, finish your makeup routine by spritzing a setting spray over your face, including your eyebrows. This extra step helps seal in all the makeup, including the eyebrow pencil, ensuring it stays fresh and intact for hours on end. With these simple steps, you can enjoy long-lasting, flawless brows that won't budge throughout the day.


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