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4 Steps to Fuller Brows In Less Time

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Makeup routines take more time than we’d like to admit and some days, we need to get ready asap. Whether you slept past your alarm, were invited to a last-minute happy hour, or just can’t be bothered with a lengthy process, we understand time is of the essence. So, how can you get fuller, thicker-looking brows faster

Here are four steps to achieve fuller eyebrows in less time.

1. Clean and Brush Your Brows

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Before you even think about touching makeup on your brows, make sure they are clean. If brows have even a trace of dirt, excess makeup, face oil, or moisturizer, it can cause brow products to smear or fade.

Once clean, it’s time to brush your brows to look thicker. Use a clean mascara wand or brow brush to brush the hairs upwards and outwards. Brushing hair in the opposite direction of natural growth gives brows a fluffier appearance. Gently wiggle the wand as you brush to grab each unique hair and set it in place for a fuller look.

2. Choose the Fastest Eyebrow Makeup: The Brow Stamp™

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To complete your brows in the quickest time possible, you must choose brow makeup designed for speed. Meet the Brow Stamp, the fastest way to create perfectly symmetrical brows. Just hold the stencil and firmly dab the stamp. Voila! You’ve just done your brows in seconds!

If you have an extra minute, you can enhance your brows to make them appear even thicker with other makeup. Reach for a brow highlighter and add a bright pop to lift the brow bones or delicately line the brows with concealer to accentuate the shape further.

3. Keep Buffed Up Brows In Place

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Another way to save time doing your eyebrows is to ensure they stay in place all day long so you don’t have to slot time for a touchup. The best way to freeze perfect brows is via lamination or microblading. However, when you don’t have time to go to the salon, it’s easy to get the laminated look at home.

Use a brow gel to set both brows in place and follow your natural brow curve. Our Laminate Me™ Brow Gel is ideal because it’s formulated for a strong, flake-free hold. It’s also easy to apply and fast drying so you can laminate your brows in a snap!

4. Daily Brow Maintenance and Care

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Makeup can help brows look fuller instantly, but that’s only one side of the coin. For fuller brows that make you say “I woke up like this,” you need to show your brows some TLC every day.

Here are some quick, daily brow maintenance tips to follow for your thickest, healthiest brows yet.

  • Always fully remove your makeup: Your skin doesn’t like sleeping with last night’s makeup still on and neither do your brows! Protect the hair with a daily cleanse.
  • Be mindful when plucking: Pluck your brows in dull lighting and only concentrate on visible hairs. Tweezing in bright lights can lead to overdoing it and overplucking.
  • Give your brows a day off sometimes: It’s a good habit to let your brows breathe once in a while. Take a break from makeup and focus on skincare instead. Sheet mask, anyone?
  • Consider using castor oil or a growth serum: Coat your brows in a brow thickening oil, like castor, that’s packed with antioxidants, omega fats, and vitamin E. Nourishing your skin and keeping your follicles healthy will promote new hair growth in the long run.

By taking care of your skin and brows, you’re promoting a healthier hair life cycle. Over time, this will yield stronger brow hair that lives longer and therefore, looks visibly fuller 24/7. In the meantime, tools like The Brow Stamp will give you the bold brows you need in less time.

There you have it! You just read four ways to get fuller brows faster. Questions? Reach out to our team of brow experts and we’d be happy to help you on your brow journey.


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