Dyeing Your Hair Dark: Everything You Need To Know

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Does cooler weather make you want to dye your hair darker? You’re not alone.


There are many things to consider when switching up your hair shade for the season. Why do we all want darker hair in the fall? Are there benefits to dyeing hair darker? What tips are there for going dark? How can I match my makeup to a new hair color? We’re answering all those questions and more.


So, if you’re contemplating going dark for fall, here’s everything you need to know. 


Why do we want darker hair in the fall?

madluvv dyeing your hair dark for the winter

The average American dyes their hair 4 to 5 times per year, so there is plenty of opportunity to change things up. Seasonal hair trends follow a timeless tradition of lighter hair in the summer and darker shades in the colder months. Why?


The sun’s UV rays can break down the melanin in your hair, aka its pigment, resulting in lighter locks. As we enjoy the sun and its rays all summer long, dark dyed hair easily fades and requires more maintenance. So as the fall sets in, going dark actually becomes easier naturally—but there are many more benefits.

Benefits of dying your hair darker

Whether you’re saying goodbye to summer sun or just want a change, there are plenty of excuses to dye your hair dark. That’s because there are many benefits to it, like:


  • Darker hair is better at camouflaging damage— If your hair needs some TLC, going dark is a smart option. Darker color molecules naturally weigh down flyaways and seal split ends much better than blonde bleach, making hair look thicker and shinier.
  • Deeper tones can add dimension to your hair— Like hitting a reset button, a darker shade often adds more depth to the hair. That’s because of the extra shine it naturally creates by sealing up the hair cuticle.
  • Darker hair can have a slimming effect— Similar to putting on a little black dress, darker hair can actually help slim the face. Dark hair also amplifies the appearance of chiseled features for a sharper look.
  • All over color is a faster salon appointment— Dyeing your hair darker may save you time (and money) at the salon, since slapping on color all over is much faster than getting highlights.
  • A new hair color expands your makeup routine— Bored of your summer makeup? A darker hair shade can extend your palette and encourage you to try new shades of eyesshadows, lips, blush, and brow makeup (more on that later).

Dark hair color ideas for fall

Now that you know the benefits of dyeing your hair darker, let’s chat about dark hair color ideas. Not all dark hair shades are created equal. While on the same side of the color spectrum, dark shades can vary greatly from one another.

First and foremost, decide whether your dark shade will be a warm or cool tone. Warmer colors have a dominance of red, orange or yellow pigments while cooler hair has blue, green or violet pigments.

Warm tones vs. cool tones

madluvv warm and cool tones

Some warm tones can include deep reds, auburns, coppers (popular for 2023!), espresso, or golden browns. Warm tones are ideal for covering gray hair and warming up the skin for a natural glow.

Cooler dark hair colors include blacks, some brunettes, taupes, and ashy browns. Cool tones are ideal for cooling down complexions or canceling out redness in the skin.

No matter what shade you choose, just remember that dark dye is a commitment. While it’s not for life, your hair will be on the dark side for the foreseeable future. If you like to change your hair color often, consider getting low lights instead of one solid dark color.

Updating your eyebrow shade to match your fall hair

madluvv brow stamp

If you dye your hair darker, don’t forget to swap your brow shade to compliment it. We say “compliment” because your brow shade can match your hair or be one shade lighter or darker.

In fact, many makeup lovers have two brow shades. For daytime, try a brow pomade that’s a shade lighter to lift the face and fill in the brows more naturally. At nighttime or when you want a more glam look, opt for an eyebrow color that’s one shade darker. It’ll contrast your skin and bolden the brows to sharpen your look.

If you go dark this fall, you’ll see a big difference. Your eyes will pop, your skin will shine, and you’ll notice that deeper locks frame your face in an exciting and new luminous way.

We’d love to follow along on your new hair—and eyebrow—journey. Tag #MadluvvMakeup and @madluvv so we can!

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