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Madluvv's line of brow stamps are formulated to cater every hair shade and skin tone. Our brow stamps come in 8 colors that are effortlessly buildable.

madluvv brow stamp - 8 shades

Find the shade you are:

  • BLONDE Brow Stamp

    For blonde hair with warm/gold undertones.


  • TAUPE Brow Stamp: 

    For blonde/grey hair with cool/ash undertones.


  • SOFT BROWN Brow Stamp: 

    For light brown/brown hair with warm/cool undertones



  • AUBURN Brow Stamp: 


    For light brown/brown hair with warm/cool undertones


  • MEDIUM BROWN Brow Stamp: 

    For Medium Brown hair with warm undertones.


  • BRUNETTE Brow Stamp: 

    For dark brown hair with a cool/warm undertone.


  • DARK BROWN Brow Stamp: 

    For dark brown/black hair with a dark warm/cool undertone.


  • NEARLY BLACK Brow Stamp: 

    For almost black/jet black hair with a dark cool undertone.

    Madluvv brow stamp shade chart

    Still need guidance? Take our Brow Stamp Quiz here.

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    • Vanessa W.: February 07, 2022

      I am African American with salt & pepper hair, currently I’m using almost black but at times it looks too dark. what do you recommend?

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