A Complete Guide to Long-Lasting Summer Makeup

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Summer is here and it’s time to feel the warm sun. But, as you embrace the heat, a melting foundation and caking makeup is the last thing you’d want.

Whether you’re hitting the beach or you’re working under the sun—looking great is a must! So, make sure to look great in your photos and reels with flawless makeup on. Don’t let the heat ruin your vibe.

Be on top of your techniques and glow beautifully with our complete guide to long-lasting makeup this summer season.

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Look Great and Stay Beautiful Under the Sun

 Glowing and blooming—that is how you should strut yourself this summertime. To achieve this, you need to conquer that under the blazing heat the entire day look. You shouldn’t look like a worn-out diva by the end of the day.

So, it’s important to keep your makeup on point and avoid all the possible makeup horrors – like caking, creasing, running mascara, and missing eyebrows.

To avoid such an unwanted scene this humid season, it’s best to make sure your makeup will last longer. So, here’s our complete list of techniques that will guide you for long-lasting makeup this summer.


 No. 1 – Start with a clean and moisturized face

A great painting always starts with a clean canvas. So, it’s best to make sure your face is clean before starting. Exfoliate and prepare your skin with a gentle cleanser and toner to keep it free from dirt and bacteria build-up.

After cleansing, always practice moisturizing your face. Not only will it keep your skin from drying up because of the harsh weather, but it will keep your skin hydrated. It’s best to choose an oil-free moisturizer. This will avoid unwanted excess oil and grease on your face throughout the day.

No. 2 – Layer sun protection

Aside from hydrating your skin, you should always ensure that it is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. This means you need to wear sun protection or sunscreen in a spectrum of SPF 30 or more every day.

With the higher heat index during the summer season, your skin will need more protection. That’s why it’s important to apply sunscreen all over your body, especially on your face, and under makeup. After all, applying makeup when you are sunburned is not a cute look!

No. 3 – Never forget to prime

Primers are the makeup match of Photoshop. The smoothing effect they generate boosts makeup coverage and helps your makeup last longer. In the summer season, primer is the ultimate way to go as they help hold makeup in place.

Primer is easy to apply and must be applied before any makeup. Not only can the correct makeup primer smoothen texture and level out its tone, but it may also reduce oiliness and result in a better makeup finish.

No. 4 – Less is more 

Who knows how long you will be under the sun throughout your day. So, if you don’t want your makeup caking and/or creasing – less is better. After all, in modern times, natural beauty is more embraced.

Makeup usually melts away when it’s extremely hot, and the best way to avoid such a disaster is to wear less. You won’t be needing layers of foundations and heavy eye makeup to look great.

A long-wear foundation or tinted moisturizer, and the right shades of colors will be enough to be stunning. It’s also best to choose tints over glosses and blushes. Lip and cheek tints are easier to use and last longer—not to mention they’re not heavy on the feel.

No. 5 – Highlight and glow

A dewy glow can never go wrong. Dewy skin shows that your skin is healthy and lustrous, but there’s a difference between excessively shiny and healthily radiant. The right amount of shimmer in the right places will totally make a difference in your look.

The humid weather will already make you look exhausted and flushed out. So, it’s best to glow even under such conditions. Apply high-quality highlighter on your prominent facial features to make them stand out and illuminated.

No. 6 – Raise your brow game 

Bold statement brows are the thing these past years. With a strong brow game, you can definitely conquer anything. You can even complete a whole look even with just perfect brows. When styling your brows in the summer, you will need a reliable brow product.

With being exposed to the heat and even water when you are in the ocean or pool, it’s best to opt for waterproof and sweat-resistant pomades. Plus, if you want a quick application, you’d want to have a Madluvv Brow Stamp™ Kit for everyday use. It comes in 8 amazing shades for you to choose your perfect match.

It’s fine to lose your hat, but never your brows. Keep it bold and on point the whole day with a trustworthy product. Hold your brows down with a strong brow gel that will seal your brow game. Not only that, have them on the whole day without worrying if they will fade away.

No. 7 – Always finish with a setting spray

The final step that you should always do to complete your summer look is to spray a good amount of setting spray. The setting spray will seal and is essential in making your makeup last all day and night.

Plus, the finest setting sprays like Madluvv’s Setting Spray are truly versatile. Its moisturizing face mist can also prime skin with vitamins and antioxidants to help ward off free radical damage. Not only that, it levels out your complexion and gives the skin vital hydration.

You Glow Girl!

Ready to get the better of this summer? We hope our guide helped you prepare for this sunny season. Embrace your inner glow and natural beauty. You are beautiful just the way you are!

No need to cake layers and layers of makeup to look stunning. The key for this summertime is that—less is more.

Choose only the most reliable and highest quality products that you will love and use the entire year. So, get the best long-lasting products today!


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