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Best Summer Makeup Tips to Look Younger

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Tis the season to look radiant and glowing—this means it’s summer and it’s time for a fresh and free vibe. Time to ditch the heavy makeup and come out youthful and natural with your everyday look.

Not only does reducing makeup and taking care of your skin let it breathe by releasing it from all those layers, but it will also make you look younger.

Would you like younger-looking skin?

Well, anyone would like to take off years from their actual age, especially when aging. In order to achieve that, you just need to make some changes in your everyday beauty regime and rituals this summer. Also, during the summer season, the sun’s rays are pretty harsh which contributes more to one’s aging.

So, we’ve come up with the best summer makeup tips that you will love to make you look young and radiant.

Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Makeup Tips to Look Younger This Summer

Makeup is a powerful tool that can always alter the way you appear—no matter how old you are. With the right amount and technique used in the application, you will surely have that youthful glow this summertime. Here are the top 10 best makeup tips for you this season.

Tip No. 1 – Always Moisturize

Constant moisturizing helps your skin to look and stay young. So, before you start applying your makeup—start with thoroughly clean and well-moisturized skin. After all, your skin is the canvas for this work of art.

Make sure your skin is completely supple and moisturized. In applying, start by putting on moisturizer on your skin and let it be absorbed. You have to wait at least 5 minutes to let the product sink in.

Tip No. 2 – Prep with a Primer

After moisturizing and prepping your skin, applying primer is vital. Makeup primers are your photoshop in a container. They basically help enhance your makeup coverage and help makeup last longer.

Once your moisturizer has settled in and before you put foundation on, apply a clear primer on your skin. With just a small amount, tap the primer on your skin and wait around 3 minutes. This will even out and smoothen your base, minimizing the pores and uneven textures.

Tip No. 3 – Flawless Foundation

The best foundation for younger-looking skin is a formula with sheer to light coverage. Too much foundation will melt off, and cake during the hot weather. That’s why it’s best to just apply an ample amount with enough coverage to hide imperfections.

Make sure to have a radiant finish—not too matte or dewy. A sheer and lightweight foundation will help you avoid wrinkling which is unflattering and will make you look older. It’s best applied with a foundation brush or a damp beauty blender.

Reminder: Choose the right shade perfect for your face and neck. Keep in mind, not to use too much foundation.

Tip No. 4 – Consider Concealer 

Color correcting and concealing is another important step when applying makeup. To have clear and youthful skin, it’s best to cover up unwanted blemishes and uneven skin tones. And if you want to elevate your younger-looking makeup look—focus on your eyes. Bright and seemingly stress-free eyes will make you look years younger.

Tip No. 5 – Glow and Highlight

We cannot express enough that the key to appearing younger is having healthy-looking skin. Youthful skin is glowing and radiant. For a natural glow, use a highlighter that has a satin-sheer finish like the Madluvv Define Me™. This product is very reliable and efficient to do the job.

Keep in mind not to overdo your highlighting. Just apply some of your prominent features like your cheekbones, nose line and tip, chin, brow area, and upper lip. Just a subtle amount is enough—don’t exaggerate.

Tip No. 6 – Blush is a Must

It is said that healthy skin is flushed with blood and has lots of oxygen making it look bright and rosy. Youthful skin is not only bright but also blushing.

If you're opting for a youthful summer glow, the right shade on the right part of your face will do the trick. Hold back on sculpting your face with too much bronzer and contour makeup. Same with your blush application – less is enough. You’d want to look sun-kissed, not sunburned.

Tip No. 7 – Set Your Makeup

In this summer season, the last thing you’ll want is your makeup running and melting. So, it’s essential to set your foundation and cream makeup with a translucent setting powder. This will make sure your makeup will not wrinkle and crease.

Tip No. 9 – Focus On Your Eyes

It’s commonly known that the eyes are the window to the soul. In this summer season, you’d want your eyes to look bright and fresh to appear vibrant and youthful. Avoid using too much eye makeup like dark shadows and overly applied mascara.

Lean on neutral and fresh tones that will compliment your natural skin color. If you wish to line your lids, use a brown shade or a water-proof and sweat-resistant eyeliner. Ditch lining your waterline as well, and go for highlighting your inner corners to have brighter eyes. You’d want to finish the day still looking fresh.

Tip No. 10 – Fix Your Brows

While well-defined and on-fleek brows look great, natural and full brows will totally take years off your usual look. A gentle and soft arched brow will make you look youthful and will make your face look relaxed, giving a free-spirited vibe.

If you are not sure which shade and shape best fits you, Madluvv’s Brow Stamp has a wide variety of available colors. Also, it includes 5 beautifully shaped stencils that will help you precisely apply your brow pomade.

To finish off your brows, it’s best advised to apply Madluvv’s Laminate Me™ Brow Gel. This will help you keep your brow hairs in place and keep your brows on point the whole day long this summer.

Tip No. 11 – Choose Colors Wisely

Whether you are hitting the beach or having a barbecue, one thing’s sure this summer season—you’ll have plenty of activities under the sun. Because of that, you may opt for something subtle to your look that won’t smudge and isn’t heavy on the feel.

Choosing the right color for your lips (even on your eyes and cheeks) is important. To look youthful, it’s advisable to opt for shades that will complement and enhance your natural features. Cheek and lip tints are best for these since they are not too intense and they last long.

Tip No. 12 – Seal with Setting Spray 

At this point, you have finished your fresh and fun summer look. The goal now is to make it last longer than usual. To achieve this, make sure to finish off with a setting spray, and Madluvv’s Set Me™ is the perfect one for you. They even come in a travel size—perfectly handy!

Ready for Summer?

Get the best out of summer by having fun under the sun and looking youthful and great. To achieve the ultimate summer makeup to look young, make sure you get the best products to do the trick. Check out all that you need at Madluvv this season and enjoy a first-order discount.


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