5 Makeup Trends That Will Make You Look Gorgeous in 2022

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We've seen a lot of various makeup trends in the last few years, from bold eyeliner and unique eyeshadow colors to glossy lips and fluffy brows.

In this blog, we will learn about:

  • 5 Gorgeous Makeup Trends in 2022
  • Products on how to achieve these looks
  • Where to buy them

Ready to discover these styles? Let’s get started!

These 5 Makeup Trends Will Make You Look Extra Gorgeous This 2022

Some makeup trends are definitely taking a big comeback this year if your TikTok and Instagram feeds are any indicators. There are trends fit for practically every style, whether you're looking for all the drama or still prefer the ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

Since the pandemic, a lot of focus has been shifted up to eye makeup, giving more emphasis to the only part of the face which is visible even with a mask on.

Here are 5 makeup trends to look gorgeous in 2022, focusing on the eyes:

  • Bold brows
  • Metallic cat eyes
  • Laminated brows
  • Double wing eyeliner
  • Embellished eye trend

Let’s dissect each of these trends, shall we?

Bold Brows

Nothing characterizes a time period more than eyebrow trends.

Skinny and over-plucked brows? You arrived in the 1990s. HD and razor-sharp? Welcome to the early 2000s! Thick, full eyebrows? You are up to date with the modern-day trend!

You can achieve this look by simply using a brow stamp kit that would suit your color and the shape of eyebrows you want to achieve.

Usually, brow stamp kits are composed of a:

  • 1 Brow Stamp (Shade of your choice)
  • 5 Stencil Shapes
  • 1 Spoolie brush

It's best if you use a product with a full-pigment, water and sweat-resistant eyebrow pomade formula that helps fill in brows perfectly every time.

You also have to consider if the product is blendable or long-lasting. I mean, you wouldn't want to re-do your eyebrow makeup every hour, right?

The ‘bold brows’ trend is to make your brows a shade darker or bigger than normal. It might involve mastering the brow game in such a manner that they seem completely covered for people with lighter eyebrow hair.

If you want to try a tested and proven brow product, Madluvv’s eyebrow stamp kit’s got you! Here’s a sample picture of using the eyebrow stamp kit in the shade Soft Brown:

Source: Lolo.Lehnen’s Instagram

Metallic Cat Eyes

This trend is like a rendition of a very hit and popular classic song.

Instead of using a strong, black eyeliner to do the magic ‘wing’, a dab of metallic shimmer is used.

Here’s an example from @makeupvincent’s Instagram:

Wear a heavy metal glitter eyeliner on its own, over your eyeshadow or eye pencil, or mix various colors together to amp up the intensity of this style. To start, sweep glitter all over your lids using the side of the brush. Go over the area where you usually apply your eyeliner.

For the ‘wing’, you can use the Madluvv Brow Brush to guide you with that cat-eye finish. The brush, even though it’s intended for the brows, has also an angle-ended brush that’s perfect to achieve that wing.

Laminated Brows

Brow lamination is by far the most popular brow style for 2022. The semi-permanent technique results in brows that are flawlessly placed and brushed up for months.

The procedure includes reshaping brows into the desired form with the help of a fixing formula that straightens bent hairs and increases symmetry. The brushed-up shape may also be used to fill in gaps and make brows seem fuller.

Source: @makeupbymario’s Instagram

If you want to make this an everyday look, you can try this at home. Simply look for a brow gel that has ingredients that are long-lasting and organic.

To do this, just brush the hairs in the direction you want your brows to go. Most people pull their brows up in the front and gently comb them out for the rest of the brow.

Madluvv’s Laminate Me™ Brow Gel does the trick. They have this clear, intense brow gel that shapes and grooms brows to stay all day. Also, you can use this with powder and pencil to fill in your brows. Unlike other brow gels, these aren't sticky, so you can wear them any time and anywhere.

Smokey-Split Double Wing Eyeliner

Another liner trend that's becoming more popular is double wings. The intricate detail of this look is easy to do. You don't have to be a makeup artist or a super-talented person to do this trend. What makes this even more engaging is that this look fits everyone.

The double-winged eyeliner comes in a lot of different styles and fits every type of eye shape. One of these is the smokey-split type.

Usually, this eyeliner style has very sharp lines. If you want to make these smudged lines at home, you can go for a soft gel liner. Then, draw lines on the upper and lower lash lines. Curve the wings so they go in opposite directions. A makeup smudger or Q-tip can be used to smudge the lines and smooth out those sharp edges.

Embellished eye trend

This is by far the most glamorous eye makeup trend for 2022. This trend paved the way for the introduction of glitter, pearls, and a lot of other things being glued to our faces.

Source: Dua Lipa’s Instagram

To achieve this look, simply add face rhinestones or diamonds that have adhesive on them (for ease of application and taking off) on top of your eye makeup and you’re good to go!

Tip: While all of these are trends concerning the eyes, make it a habit of using a setting spray to finalize your overall look.

This Set Me™ Setting Spray from Madluvv is a three-in-one setting spray. It's alcohol-free and ultra-nourishing. It doesn't melt, fade, or settle into fine lines all day, making sure that your eye makeup is intact and long-lasting.

Ready To Get Trendy?

With all these tips and tricks, you may now have an idea of what would be your next eye makeup. If you’re still confused with all the products mentioned, you might want to scroll through a store that offers almost everything concerning the eyes.

Madluvv has a wide range of brow and eye makeup for you to choose from. Plus, they offer 5% off on your first purchase when you subscribe to their email and text club! Go visit their website for more deals.

Unleash your inner gorgeousness!

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