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Madluvv Highlighter

Have you ever witnessed the light hitting your favorite influencer, celeb, or girl at the gym's face just right, and thought, "wow they have a heavenly glow. How do they do it?" 9.999/10 chances are, that they were wearing face highlighter. For real, who doesn't want an ultra-reflective glow that casually makes people wonder if they have been touched by an angel, or have at least gotten 12 hours of sleep? WE ALL DO! 

Face highlighter has for sure made itself known in the beauty industry, but to a lot of consumers, is often overlooked in one’s everyday makeup routine. If your look is missing something but you can't exactly pinpoint your finger on what it is, KEEP READING.

If you are relatively new to highlighters, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. To keep it simple, when applied strategically, a good highlighter will emphasize your favorite features, transforming the way the light hits your face, which will direct eyes to your most exquisite features.

 You love your cheekbones? Throw on a highlighter to make them more prominent! Want to make your upper lip appear bigger? Dab some highlighter on your cupids bow. Want your nose to look more photoshopped refined look? Run some highlighter lightly down the middle 1/3 of the bridge of your nose!!!Madluvv Highlighter

Highlighters have gained a lot of attention and notoriety for good reason- we are highlighter obsessed over here, but we could never find one that ticked all of our application boxes. Some we tried lasted maybe an hour, because of poor quality ingredients, others were great for a daytime look but weren't pigmented enough or buildable for our night makeup application, others were too yellow/pink/or red in hue. We created and formulated a highlighter that passes all the tests! We promise you - this is a must-have product for your makeup collection!

This highlighter knows a thing or two about turning heads and making people look twice! Highlight Me™ Face Highlighter is a super pigmented, pressed highlighter powder that delivers a buildable translucent, smooth, gold glow finish to your skin. This dermatologist and ophthalmologist-approved highlighter will lift and brighten your overall appearance with long-wearing illumination that won't fade or shift.⁠ Believe us when we say - we just took your makeup routine to the next level!

Madluvv Highlighter

Let us tell you about the color…Euphoria! Our first color option, Euphoria, is a light gold highlighter that looks stunning on all skin tones. Its formula is buildable and beautiful.

Here are a few tips and tricks for using our highlighter:

madluvv highlighter guide

Tip #1 a little goes a long way. Euphoria is the perfect highlighter for both that subtle “angelic” look and can build to a full-fledged glam. If you want an intense highlight for times when you won't be seeing much natural day light, apply additional layers to build that glow!

Tip #2 Where exactly should you apply it? Anywhere and everywhere! Brush some on your cheekbones, eyelids, the tip of the nose, cupid’s-bow, and décolletage for an extra glow. But wait! Don't just restrict yourself to your face, you can use it on your collar bones, shoulders, and other parts of your body-ody-ody for that extra POP!

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  • Jules Varela: April 25, 2022

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing 😊
    Madluvv replied:
    Of course! Let us know if you have any questions about any of our products. Have a great day!

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