Summer Makeup Tips for A Glamour & Stylish Look

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Whether you're going to be cruising the Caribbean or heading to a pool party—the need to glam up is there! With the summer heat blazing in, it’s best to be prepared to look great day and night. We promise you, that you are going to be a head-turner while you show off your gorgeous summer glow with these tricks.

Level up your glam game for this season. No need to worry about melting and caking makeup. Look hot as the sun with these techniques and styles we’ve come up with for you this summertime. Finish the day fresh and glowing.

Here are 10 amazing makeup tips to look stylish and glamorous this summer.

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Top 10 Tips for Summer Glam Makeup you are going to Luvv

If you are looking for a certain style this summer, you are in the right place. There is no more need to worry if you’re still fresh and looking good when your day comes to an end, even when you’re under the sun all morning, evening, and afternoon.

We have amazing life-changing tips and tricks to snag for the sunny season. Here you go.

Tip No. 1 – Always start with a moisturized and primed face

It’s important to make sure that you start with a clean and prepped canvas. As soon as your skin is clean and dried, start by applying moisturizer.

Moisturizing is vital when you are going out this humid season. Aside from hydrating and keeping your skin healthy, it helps makeup appear smoother. It’s not fun putting makeup on dry and chapping skin.

Aside from moisturizing, applying primer is a must-have when wearing makeup. Primer smoothens out the base and helps makeup apply evenly on the surface. Not only that, it helps makeup last longer.

Important reminder: Never forget to wear sunscreen this summer. Choose products with SPF 30 or above for utmost protection.

Tip No. 2 – Choose waterproof and sweat-resistant makeup

It’s always humid and sunny during the summer season. Aside from that, you’ll have plenty of water activities. Because of that, you will most likely break a sweat and be splashed with water. So, it’s best to choose formulas that are waterproof and sweat-resistant. Makeup with these formulas is best for such conditions since they will look good and last long.

Tip No. 3 – Opt for a sheer face

Not only should you choose waterproof and sweat-resistant makeup, but you also need to make sure they have a smooth and sheer finish. A light yet highly pigmented formula will make a few pumps go a long way. Also, the clean sheer finish for your makeup choices will prevent it from creasing and caking after a long day.

Tip No. 4 – Glow with highlight and bronzer

Who wouldn’t want to look glowing this summer season? If you want to have that healthy sun-kissed vibe – bronzer and highlighter are your best friends.

The right amount of bronzer will give you a soft contour to sculpt your face shape. The perfect highlighter like the Madluvv Define Me™, on the other hand, will flawlessly accentuate your prominent features. As you apply these, keep in mind to never overdo it. You want a dewy glow, not oily.

Tip No. 5 – Prep your eyes properly

In the summer, sweat can gather in the folds of your lids, causing clumpy eyeshadow. Prep your eyelids before applying a shadow. Clear your lids with a cosmetic wipe, let them dry, and apply a light coating of eyeshadow primer on top. This trick also works with eyeliner—just press some eyeshadow on top to seal in the pigment.

Tip No. 6 – Opt for warm or soft pigments

In choosing shades for your eyes, it’s best not to go crazy with color. The goal is to showcase sensual and tantalizing eyes this hot season. For daytime style, choose soft nude or pastel colors that can give you youthful and vibrant eyes. For the evening, you can level up your day look by adding a darker shade of similar color for a soft smokey effect.

Tip No. 7 – Showcase your eyes

It was quoted that the eyes are the body’s jewel. What better way to showcase these jewels than to give focus on them. To do this, you wouldn’t need a lot of colors and eyeliners. All you need is the right amount of makeup and the most suitable style for you.

Wearing a water-resistant and sweat-proof mascara can make your eyes pop. Use just the right amount to avoid having tacky spider lashes. For a much, more reliable option for your lashes, you can get eyelash extensions for the perfect length and curl.

Pro Tip: Avoid overlined eyes. But, if you wish to line your eyes, create a soft wing on the upper lid with a smudge-proof liner and set it with black or dark brown eyeshadow.

Tip No. 8 – Make your brow game strong

When you have the perfect eyebrows, you will always look great. Having full brows is a total must-have for your summer glam. To top it off, having brows that can last throughout the sunny day is a win. And, Madluvv Brow Stamp™ is the product you need.

The Madluvv Brow Stamp™ is not only great as it’s waterproof and sweat-proof, but it can give you flawless eyebrows in just seconds! Plus, finish strong on your brow game with Madluvv’s Laminate Me™ brow gel. It will keep your eyebrow makeup in place all day long.

Tip No. 9 – Pucker those lips

With the hot weather, opt for products with a matte finish. Creams, illuminating, and oil-based products should be avoided because of the high humidity. If you want a vibrant glow, use lip stains to bring color and plumpness to your lips, and even to your cheeks. Choose nude to rosy shades to compliment your natural lip and skin color.

Tip No. 10 – Seal with setting spray

Setting spray is the final step in your makeup process. The formula seals in all your beauty ingredients and helps them endure till you remove them using makeup remover.

The Madluvv Set Me™ is the ultimate setting spray you’ll ever have. It comes in a small size perfect for traveling to carry your bag for touch-ups throughout the day. It not only prevents oiliness but also instantly mattifies the shine from your makeup.

Time to Glam Up!

Ready to look fab and all glammed up this summer? We are, too! Rock every photo you take this summertime. We’re so glad to share with you our secret tricks to be hotter than the sun this season.

But, wait…we have more. Get the best cosmetics in one place. Check out Madluvv’s makeup selection for all the beauty products and tools you will be needing to look gorgeous. See you!


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