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Best Brow Shaping Accessories to Shape Your Eyebrows

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Properly maintained brows may help frame your face and balance your flattering features, making a significant impact on your overall look.

In this article, you will learn about:

  • What are brow shaping accessories
  • How to use them
  • Where you can buy brow shaping accessories

Ready to get your brows transformed? Let's get started!

What are the best brow shaping accessories? 

As we continue to adapt our fashion sense to the new normal of virtual events, our beauty objectives have evolved, with an emphasis on protective face masks. There is a desire to minimize cosmetics while maximizing this above-the-mask moment, which results in an enhanced emphasis on the eyes.

This is why creating perfectly arched eyebrows is necessary. But, how do you achieve those?

First, you need to have the best materials and accessories. Here are a few essentials to get us started:

  • Brow highlighters
  • Brow gels
  • Brow brush
  • Eyebrow stencils

Let’s try to look at each of these products closely.

Brow Highlighters 

When it comes to everyday makeup, brow highlighter is sometimes disregarded. But, it has a major impact, especially if you've emphasized other areas of your face.

How do you know which brow highlighters are effective? You have to remember this tip:

Although brow highlighters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the finest brow highlighters are often creamy, jumbo-sized pencils with thick, pointed tips that make it easier to reach directly under the brow arch.

Not only can you use them to highlight your brow bone, but you can also use them to smudge on your waterline and in the corners of your eyes to really pull the look together.

How to highlight your brows: Draw a thin line under the brow with your preferred eyebrow highlighter and blend downward with a blending brush. You want to be as exact as possible while reaching near to your brows to provide contrast to their natural color.

This Highlight Me™ Brow Highlighter enhances your arches for brighter, more youthful-looking eyes. It's simple to apply, so beginners do not fear achieving those stunning brows for the first time.

The creamy, blendable product glides smoothly over the region, quickly highlighting and enhancing while producing the illusion of a more elevated brow. Plus, it lasts all day. It's ideal for everybody since it's cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types.

Tip: Because high-quality brow highlighters are rare, eyeliner and/or eyeshadow gels may be used in their place. Simply look for a smooth, blendable product in a shade that suits your skin tone, as well as a bit of glitter, then you’re good to go!

Brow Gels 

Yep, gels are not just for your hair but also for your brows.

Eyebrow gels instantly tint and shape your brows. It also helps 'clean up' your eyebrow hairs and keeps the brows in place, similar to how hairspray is used to fix your hairdo and keep it tight and in place. Brow gels are ideal for those of you who have unruly brows.

Brow gel comes in a variety of forms, but it's simply brow mascara. It comes in a little tube with a brush that resembles a tiny mascara wand.

If you're having trouble taming your brows and want them to seem more full and groomed, brow gels are for you!

How to use brow gels: Simply brush hairs in the desired direction for your brows. Usually, a lot like to comb their brows up in the front and gently comb out for the remainder of the brow.

The Madluvv Laminate Me™ Brow Gel lives up to its name. It is a clear, long-lasting brow gel that shapes and keeps your brows groomed all day. When they say they're going to 'laminate' your brows, they really mean it!

Laminate Me™ Eyebrow Gel is a new approach to quickly tame your brows. The transparent product pairs well with powders and pencils to fill in brows, seal the deal, and keep them in place throughout the day.

Additionally, it has a unique, non-sticky ingredient that makes the product easy to wear and does not flake or smear.

Tip: Apply a small quantity of concealer around the brows after applying brow gels. This technique will help them in standing out.

Brow Brush 

When you see a beautiful brow, you’ll know it. It's distinct yet delicate; dense but dimensioned; full but not overgrown. And every beautiful brow comes from having a great brush.

Brushes are used to mix makeup and maintain the shape of brow hairs. They're crucial for achieving the brow appearance you want. A brow brush assists in properly blending makeup and gives the eyebrows a more natural appearance.

However, not all brushes are made equal, and the one you choose is very dependent on the product you're combining it with, as well as your personal choice.

Here’s an anatomy of a perfect brow brush for everyday use:

The Madluvv Brow Brush is a multifunctional brush that assists you in creating accurate brow lines and also functions as a spoolie for brushing through your brows.

The brush is also slanted to help perfect your brows, and the other end has a spoolie for blending and softening your brows.

Tip: This brush is also excellent for applying concealer to the area around your arches to emphasize them even more. Additionally, the spoolie end may be used to blend color throughout your brows and to comb hairs into position.

Eyebrow Stencils 

For those unfamiliar with eyebrow stencils, these are little templates that you place or hold on top of your brows to prevent you from "painting" beyond the lines of your brows. You then fill it in with your powders, pencils, or gels.

How to use it: Select a stencil that closely matches the form of your natural brows. Stencils are often sold in packs of many various shapes. Each stencil should be held up to your brow to see which one most closely resembles your natural contour.

Hold the stencil up to your forehead and attempt to align the stencil's curve with your natural arch. Push down on both sides of the stencil to help grip it with your first two fingers or your index finger and thumb. With an eyebrow pencil or powder and brush, fill in the stencil.

Use an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches the hue of your natural brows. With delicate strokes, fill in your eyebrows. Make sure that you cover all of the stencil's edges. Fill up the other brow in the same manner. Finally, remove the stencil and use an eyebrow brush to brush your brows.

Madluvv has the best stencil eyebrow shaping sets because they have a lot of shapes and sizes you can choose from.

Get Your Brows Perfectly Shaped With These Accessories 

With all these accessories, you now have a checklist of what to buy on your next make-up shopping trip. If you want to skip the lines and do hassle-free shopping, you might want to visit Madluvv’s online store at Madluvv.com.

They offer a wide range of makeup products—from eyebrow accessories, setting sprays, eyeliners, and more!

Plus, they offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50! Visit their page for more info.

You deserve those perfect brows!


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