Calling All Dark Haired #Babes

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Was our Dark Brown Brow Stamp™ just not a perfect match for your hair? No need to worry! Our new Brow Stamp™ shade Nearly Black is for the #babes with almost black or jet black. 
Nearly Black
How do you know if you are Dark Brown or Nearly Black? Here are some questions to ask yourself:
  1. Does my hair have a brown undertone to it?
  2. Does my hair have a cooler or warmer tone to it?
  3. What’s my natural hair color?
Dark Brown has a warmer undertone than Nearly Black, our coolest Brow Stamp™ shade. Click here for a side-by-side comparison. Still need more references? Take a look at the picture below!
(Dark Brown is on the left, Nearly Black is on the right)
comparison dark brown and nearly black
What is great about our Brow Stamp™ is that you can build color. Pro-tip for the people who are skeptical about the Nearly Black being too dark: stamp on lightly. If you want pure black, you can go over your brows a couple of times to make them darker. 
Nearly Black
Another great way to apply the Nearly Black Brow Stamp™ is starting from the tail of your brow to the beginning of your brow. As you stamp your brow, you should progressive stamp lighter towards the front for more of an “ombre” look.


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