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Brows. That’s it, that’s the answer. Eyebrows make or break your overall look, let alone frame your face structure. Even on a no makeup day, well groomed, strong brows can achieve the effortless put-together look. With eyebrows being in the spotlight, here are ways to compliment your face:

Shaping Brows

If you have delicate facial features, having big bushy eyebrows may come off as too overpowering. If you have stronger facial qualities, having thinner brows will potentially accentuate those features too much, making it the focus of your face essentially throwing off your entire look. Everyone is structured differently, some trends suit one person but may not be the best for another.

Balance is what life is all about...and your brows are no exception. Yes your brows are sisters not twins, BUT that does not mean you can completely disregard their proportions! Having proportional eyebrows will create a more balanced appearance and a younger look. Have trouble doing so? Don’t worry! That is why we carry 12 different stencil shapes to quickly guide your brow shape in the morning, complementing all different kinds of structures and ensuring for symmetrical brows. Some popular stencils are: 

Madluvv Brow Stencils
  • NATURALISTA: our thinnest low “low profile” brow shape. 
  • This stencil is great for people with very little (to no) natural hair growth people that also have a low brow bone.

  • MYSTIC: our medium-width “low profile” brow shape. 
  •  This stencil is great for people with a medium amount of natural hair growth and people that have a low brow bone.

  • BOHEMIAN: our thickest-width “low profile” brow shape. 
  • This stencil is great for people with a large amount of natural hair growth and people that have a low brow bone.

  • THE FIRST LADY: this eyebrow stencil is our thinnest brow shape. 
  • This stencil is great for people with little (to no) natural hair growth.

  • THE TROPHY WIFE: eyebrow stencil is our medium-width brow shape. 
  • This stencil is great for people with a medium of natural hair growth.

  • THE SOCIALITE: eyebrow stencil is our thickest brow shape. 
  • This stencil is great for people with a lot of natural hair growth.

    Brow Shade

    After finding your brow shape that best fits you, now onto color. Don’t just take into account what your hair color is, but also what your skin undertones are and your eye color is. A  great rule of thumb is to try and stay within 2 shades of your hair color. Our Brow Stamp (that goes two-in-two with our stencils) stamps on flawless brows faster than you can say “Madluvv Brows” and comes in 7 different shades:

    10 Brow Stamp Colors


  • BLONDE Brow Stamp

    For blonde hair with warm/gold undertones.


  • TAUPE Brow Stamp: 

    For blonde/grey hair with cool/ash undertones.


  • SOFT BROWN Brow Stamp: 

    For light brown/brown hair with warm/cool undertones


  • MEDIUM BROWN Brow Stamp: 

    For Medium Brown hair with warm undertones.


  • BRUNETTE Brow Stamp: 

    For dark brown hair with a cool/warm undertone.


  • DARK BROWN Brow Stamp: 

    For dark brown/black hair with a dark warm/cool undertone.


  • NEARLY BLACK Brow Stamp: 

    For almost black/jet black hair with a dark cool undertone.



    A product that is used to not only complement your eyebrows but as well as your whole appearance is our Highlight Me™ Brow Highlighter. Available in either Matte or Shimmer, applying brow highlighter right under your brow arch to its tail will enhance, lift, and frame your face ultimately creating a younger and brighter appearance. 

    Madluvv Highlight Me Brow Highlighter

    *Apply the highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop and stand out*


    Brow gel, brow gel, brow gel...People underestimate the impact of what brow gel does for your brows but this is the most important, and final step! With one coat of our Laminate Me™ Brow Gel, this will leave your brows with a strong definition making them fuller and more lush ALL DAY. This simple hack will give you a groomed, put-together look even if you may not be (we all have those days!)

    Madluvv Laminate Me Brow Gel


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