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MADLUVV Brow Brush

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The dynamic duo...



Madluvv Brow Stamp  X  Madluvv Brow Brush


The Madluvv Brow Brush is a dual brush that helps you create precise lines for your brows and also doubles with a spoolie to allow you to brush through your brows.

Brushing through your brows helps to soften and disperse the color                    throughout your brows for an even more natural look! 

If there are areas in your brow that seem to be lacking color or need to be refined after stamping then lightly tap the brush into the cap (where the makeup product is).

You don't want too much product on your brush!

Simply run the brush along the sparse areas to add a little more density and tighten up the shape.

Watch the video clip below for a tutorial on how to pair your brush with our brow stamp:






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