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The 4 Best Holiday Gift Bundles (On a Budget!)

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madluvv affordable holiday makeup gift sets

When do the best holiday makeup sets come out? RIGHT NOW.

The holidays are already upon us, and for beauty lovers, that means three amazing words: holiday gift sets. Whether it’s perfumes paired with body gels or limited-time collaborations, the holidays are an ideal time to shop for your beauty favorites. Especially, if and when they come coupled with bonus beauty products.

We luvv the holidays and this year, we launched FOUR brand-new holiday gift bundles! Whether you’re a jet-setter or a glammed-up goddess, there’s a holiday gift set made just for YOU—and the people on your shopping list.

Here’s a breakdown of the best makeup sets you’ll find online. These holiday makeup sets are affordable, chic, and better yet, contain all of our best-selling, skin-loving brow and makeup formulas.

Girl On The Go Bundle

girl on the go holiday makeup gift bundle

Is your social calendar jam-packed? Then you need a Girl On The Go Bundle in your purse. This set is filled with travel-friendly products perfect for those on the move. 

Whether you’re in the back of an Uber, walking into a big meeting, or about to land at Charles de Gaulle airport, this carefully curated bundle has the touch-up products you need to put your best face forward.

This bundle comes with:


Eye Luvv You Bundle

eye luvv you holiday makeup gift bundle

Life isn’t perfect, but your brows can be. The Eye Luvv You Bundle is specially made for those who LUVV their brows. Filled with all of our best-selling brow products, this bundle will ensure you have #nobadbrowdays in 2023.

So what’s in this brow-tastic gift set? The Eye Luvv You Bundle comes with:


Below the Brow Bundle

below the brow holiday makeup gift bundle

The name says it all. This holiday makeup set is designed to take care of everything below your gorgeous brows. Whether you want to look glam or au natural, this makeup set can do it all.

It’s a rich combination of long-wear products that can create or elevate any makeup look. The Below the Brow Bundle contains:


Makeup Luvver Bundle

makeup luvver holiday makeup gift bundle

Do you love makeup as much as we do? Then this complete gift set is for you. The Makeup Luvver Bundle is the complete collection of ALL of Madluvv’s outstanding products.

This is hands-down the best way to get the complete collection of our carefully, consciously formulated makeup products. Plus, it’s available at an unbeatable price. The Makeup Luvver Bundle gives you:


Which Madluvv Bundle is Best for Me?

These four holiday makeup bundles present four different ways to complete your makeup collection. Whichever way you lean, our holiday sets are an ideal gift and the best way to secure these popular products. These products sell out throughout the year, so it’s worth stocking up on your favorites now (and trying a few new things along the way).

If you’re wondering which products are right for you, check out our 2022 Madluvv Holiday Gift Guide for a full breakdown.

So, treat yo’self and get your holiday shopping done in no time with the best holiday makeup sets online. Shop our bundles HERE!


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