How to Cut Down Your Glam Time

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how to cut down on glam time madluvv

Do you always feel like you’re rushing when applying your makeup? Maybe it’s time to cut down your glam time. Whether you’re getting ready for a holiday party, a Zoom call, or a hot first date, we all have moments when every minute counts.

Knowing how to save time while getting ready is useful in life and when it comes to makeup, it’s easier than you think.

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

Here are some tips to save time when applying your makeup and gain back a few extra minutes!

madluvv how to save time getting ready

1. Keep your go-to makeup tools separated from the rest

When you are crunched for time, don’t reach for your full makeup collection. Instead, grab a smaller bag of your basic makeup essentials that get the job done asap. By keeping a curated group of products, you save time by not worrying about which products to use or searching for items later.

This tiny makeup bag is also ready to pick up and go anywhere with you. If you have the option of getting ready during your commute, this can save you valuable time at home. Plus, your favorite makeup products are within arm’s reach for touchups throughout the day.

2. Take Advantage of a Highlighter’s Many Uses

Many makeup products are multi-use, so milk them for all they’re worth when you’re trying to save time. The top multi-use tool in your arsenal is, believe it or not, a face highlighter. The Highlight Me™ Face Highlighter instantly adds a pop to cheekbones, the nose, and the cupid’s bow above the lips—and that’s just the beginning.

To save time, a highlighter can double as an eyeshadow or a brow highlighter. Place a small smudge in the center of the eyelids or in the inner corners to brighten the eyes. Apply a highlighter under the brow bone to visibly lift and help frame the brows. Don’t forget, the effects of a highlighter are also great on the shoulders, collar bones, or legs!

MADLUVV gold face highlighter


3. Use a Brow Stamp Instead of a Pencil

If you’re a brow person, you know how long drawing two symmetrical masterpieces can take. The time it takes to carefully pencil in sparse brows, buff them out, then clean them up can easily suck up half your glam time. No more!

That’s why Madluvv designed the patented Brow Stamp™ to create perfect brows in no time. A stencil guides the stamp to outline your ideal brow shape with just a few presses of pigment-rich pomade. Plus, the Brow Stamp™ is both sweat and water-resistant, so it lasts all day.

madluvv brow stamp kit

4. Set makeup to avoid touchups later

To cut down glam time once and for all, don’t forget to finish your routine with setting spray. Just a few spritzes of the Set Me™ Setting Spray will help your makeup last longer. That means that you’ll save time in the future by avoiding touchups later.

And that’s not all. This setting spray doubles as a hydrating mist to revive skin upon first application or as a refresher throughout the day. With skin-loving clean ingredients like Rose Water, Aloe, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid, the Set Me™ Setting Spray locks in moisture, soothes the skin, and calms irritation from environmental stressors.

madluvv setting spray

Extra tips to save time getting ready

madluvv how to save time getting ready

Makeup is just one piece of the puzzle when getting ready. Cutting down your glam time is possible with the tips we listed above, but what about your hair or wardrobe? Here are a few last-minute tips to help you look your best, even when in a rush:

    • Embrace your hair’s natural texture - Whether your hair dries wavy or frizzy, let it be. Run your fingers through it, flip it to a side, and embrace its natural beauty. If you show up with confidence, no one will even notice you didn’t have time to blow dry.
  • Plan to dress from a capsule wardrobe - A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of staple clothing pieces, usually within a complimentary color palate. By choosing items from a smaller, matching group, you limit your options to avoid confusion or indecisiveness. Plus, you’ll end up with a sleek, sophisticated ensemble every time.
    • Amp things up with accessories - If you feel a little less than “glam” when getting ready quickly, level up your look with accessories. Statement jewelry or a red lip can add that je n’ai sais quoi you’re missing. 

    What other tips do you have for getting ready fast and cutting down your glam time? Share them with us online using #MadluvvMakeup.


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