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madluvv brow pigment faqs


How many pigment colors are there?

10 Pigment Colors and 1 shading solution.


Cost for the set(s)?

$79.00 USD for the 3 Set Expansion Pack.

$160.00 USD for the Ink Essential Set with 6 pigment colors. 

$255.00 USD for the Ink Deluxe Set with 10 Pigment Colors and 1 shading solution.


Cost per bottle?

The price per individual bottle if purchased separately is $28.00 USD. 


Where can I purchase these pigments?

These pigments are available on and our Amazon USA Store. 


What are the pigments housed in?

These 11 pigments come housed in a 10 ml airless pump bottle which eliminates waste and keeps your pigment sanitary. 


What is the consistency of the pigments?

The consistency of the pigment is a gel consistency. This consistency allows for maximum retention inside of hair stroke and keeps the crisp hair stroke look unlike any other pigment. The gel-like consistency of the formulation cuts waste due to its slow drying and non dripping attributes. 


Do I need to mix or modify these colors?

There is no need to mix or modify any of the colors in this line, however, the colors are made to be able to mixed to achieve a custom color formulation specific to your client. 


What is retention like of this product?

Retention is exceptional with proper technique and aftercare practices (estimation of 85-90% depending on aftercare, age and skin type). Expect pigment to heal anywhere from precisely true to color to a little more ashy than the initial result from initial appointment (depending on client’s skin’s oxidization level). 


Are touchup appointments necessary with this pigment?

We always recommend a touchup appointment for any eyebrow procedure.


Are these blades made for microblading or shading?

Both- crisp hair strokes as well as shading are easily achievable with this pigment. 


Are these pigments able to be used for manual and machine applications?



What are the ingredients in your pigments?

Distilled water, alcohol, FD&C, glycerin, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, D&C.

Click here to view MSDS sheet for each individual pigment. 


Have there been reports of allergic reactions to the pigments? 

No. There have been none.


What color will the pigments fade? 

The pigments will fade to lighter versions of themselves and will error on the side of ashy (never red, pink, orange or purple). 


What is the best way to keep brows from fading after they are healed?

Limiting the brows from direct sun exposure when outside and wearing hats, spf and sunglasses to protect brows is the best line of defense against fading. Keeping serums, facial products or any treatments away from your brows is also a way to ensure a better retention and longevity. 


Where are these pigments made?

They are made in the USA.

What blades do you recommend with this pigment?

We have seen great results pairing the pigments with our line of disposables blades.



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