5 Biggest Eyebrow Mistakes

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We consider brows to be the most important step in a makeup routine - they frame your eyes and entire face. They add a measure of symmetry to the face, can make you look more rested and youthful, and have the power to elevate your whole look.  As a brand centered around eyebrow products, you can understand how passionate we are about them – which is why we want to help you avoid the biggest brow faux-pas we can imagine!


Biggest brow mistakes:

1. Over-plucking or…. SHAVING! 

PUT THE TWEEZERS and TINKLE RAZOR DOWN. Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t over-plucked or, heaven forbid, DIY dermaplaned eyebrows at one point in your life. Tweezers should be used to clean up your brows, not to shape them. And the razor is meant to stay far away from your precious brows. Leave that to the professionals… trust us.



2. Right shape, wrong shade

Choosing the right brow shade is just as important as choosing the right face foundation shade – it could make or break your look. Just like over-tweezing, we’ve all made the mistake of buying a brow product too dark that makes us look like a Disney villain. Our brow quiz makes it easier than ever to find the perfect shade to compliment your look and take the stress out of color-matching yourself. When in doubt - go a shade lighter! 



3. Avoiding a regular trim

Do your brows constantly look messy? You may want to try trimming your eyebrows every few weeks. Just like trimming off the split ends on your hair, it will spruce up your entire look. We recommend brushing the front of your brows up and then trimming a small amount when they start to look a little out of control. This small (and easy) step is a game-changer for brow routines.


4. Removing too much hair from the center of your brows

People often take way too much off the center of their brows which leaves them with a big space in between their brows that makes the nose look larger and more prominent. Here is a quick reference photo showing where the front of your brows should start:



5. Not blending

We’ve all seen those bold, blocky brows in our nightmares… they are not meant to look intensely outlined. Doing so can make your brows and features look too harsh. Brush, brush, BRUSH them out after applying your brow product with a spoolie brush, lightly blending it into your natural brow.

PRO TIP: Give the front of your brow a little more attention with your spoolie to create a natural ombré brow.


Our best overall brow advice? The less the better. Try committing to a consistent brow maintenance routine (like regular trims and waxes) and sticking to a few key products – your brows will thank you for it.




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